world has a lots of complicated rules.

Peace Be Upon You

Well peeps..World has a lots of complicated rules.That's explain why our parents/guardian/teachers/friends being so overprotective (well,mine not so overprotective.) sometimes.We are told to not do this and that,it's not nice to lie to your friends,do not use bad words,do not steal anyone's boyfriend..and so on dari kita kanak-kanak lagi supaya we get used to it.They encourage us to be more polite and good.But somehow,we still broke the rules.Well,I guess rules are meant to be broke rite?

The reason why I post this,because yeahhhh lately I've been making some ermmm stupid mistake which I wish I can rewind the time and fix it.

And I realize that I'm a person who wants to be love by everyone.Wants some attention.maybe.Tapi..tak tepat lah.I just don't want an enemy.I don't want to be hate.

Betul ke kalau kita buat dosa dengan orang,and as if the person still don't forgive u,u tak lepas masuk syurga?Sampai bila-bila??This is what i'm afraid of most.

Wait.I'm thingking deeply ni *well before I wrote stupid things again..

Actually,world takde lah banyak complicated rules like I told u.Its become easier and usual kalau selalu praktik.Kan?

What about if I definisikan rules ni sebagai adat or adab?Make sense tak?Like..: U cannot took kentut infront of orang ramai.Sebab tak sopan. *was that a rules.Or adab?

Annnd : U cannot tinggikan suara while dinner infront of your grandparents? Was that a rules or adab?

haiyaaa the more I thought about it,the pening I get thinking about the differences of rules,adat and adab.

If I knew things to what I knew now,I done EVERYTHING differently start with the 12 years old me,the having relationship matter,being more polite and honest,care more about my weight and height(ha-ha),being a very good listener and good friend and apa lagi?Argh I wish I could done everything so perfectly without realizing that "nobody is perfect".


Anisa Hang Tuah said...

everybody ignore an enemy.

yarn liyarnalin said...

nobody is perfect . so , you is the nobody (:

safiah sokher said...

Nis and Yarn : aww TQVM for ur concern :)