The Interview

Peace Be Upon You
readers,ohh today's interview was like mm-oh-um-oh GREAT!What I thought is is like PRS interview (like I had when I was Form 1) which I was dikeliling with the manager and asking me this and that!But it turn out to be easier.Isi borang and bincang gaji sikit-sikit.Fuhh.Atleast I don't have to answer this and that!Ha-Ha.
Okay,rasanya dapat kot.Amin.Huh,seronoknya kerja nanti.Lagi-lagi dah pegang duit.Aih,tangan gatal la pulak!!!!Hmm pape pun doakan dapat lah yea.Okie -dokie.


nur ailani zubir said...

discuss bout salary?
how much?
i ALREADY working :D

safiah sokher said...

not much.tapo bole laa.Congrats la cuz u already hired