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Peace Be Upon You

Hopefully u're having a lovely day today,and happy fasting.Last nite I've been thinking to write this issue.I'm going to talk about SHOES.okay I may not interested in fashion stuff but I give myself a try.CAUTION:I don't have any good sense on fashion.poor me.harhar

I wanted this shoes!Yeah thats what I thought last week.Idk why but I wanna red shoes.Maybe u'll saying that I'm lame but HEY this is not lame okay.and to clear this up,i think I love the colour.It bright,its beautiful and Its call RED.idk,maybe red is red.Hey,don't u think red is utterly great?
If u look carefully,Its just a random shoes which is basic && everyone shoud have one & it don't have to be red rite?Bought it white/black which is suit for F3 student . :DD or in various colour,wear it whenever u're hanging out with friends.Beside.my mum also prefer shoe than flip flops.So I guess I got fans.woopee

Look at Lilly Allen and I love her dress with those sneakers.Its unique.Blue is fine too.
Adeesss,yupp silver & blue.Man,I bet u'll love me if I wear those.& u better be!My lil sis said this type of shoe still in fashion.Which Justin Bieber wore in his video clip (idk what clip,all clip perhaps)I saw her google-ing this shoe,Supra brand.Babe,its f-word expensive.She saw this shoe price RM7** ,after discount RM2**.If u were fans of JB or Supra or shoes its worth to spend that amount of money huh.

Look at Yuna purple shoe!Cool huh?

Whatever it is,wear whats comfortable on u.

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