Best of Both Worlds!

Peace Be Upon You

Apa kena mengena tajuk ha?


Yesterday,I've checked my PLKN result and ~~~ TAK DAPAT! I consider myself was lucky enough and to my friends yang dapat tu,Congrtas!

Today I went out with Safiana,and yup,watching The Twilight Saga:Eclipse. And guess what,I'm reading Twilight novel too!!After Twilight novel,I'm waiting for The Last Song by Nicholas Spark.

&& petang tadi,Ira ye ye taxt aku,ajak teman dia makan.Dalam kotak fikiran aku,I thought she was lonely,need a friend to talk or she's bored alone.So,I accept her invitation. :)

SURPRISE!She's with "the Olsen twins" and 1 unknown friend.


Papepun,hahah,Thank You la ajak aku pigi makan ya Ira. :) :)

mmmm Dorm tercinta.Aku akan siap kan Hiasan loker dan katil.Aku excited la nak balik hostel esok sebab nak decorate dorm.YAY.It's going to be F-words! (F-U-N)

Yah,and the Seni stuff,under construction.This Monday kena Submit.hemmmm.

Kompetensi pulak submit hujung Julai ni.Whatever!!

Readers,I'm sorry if this blog is getting bored.I'm not malas to type and stuff,I'm just a bit busy.I had to buang my addiction toward internet.After SPM I'll rajin2 to update blog & tingkatkan kualiti penuliasan blog ni.

P/S:hey you,I've got new Caller Tunes.Call me ;)

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