I had a huge EGO

Its too big,its too wide,Its too strong,It wont fit Its too much,its too tough
I walk like cuz I can't back it up
I got a big ego,such a huge ego
Usually I'm humble,right now I dont choose
you can leave with me or you could have the blues
some call it arrogant,I call it confident
Ego so big,You must admit
I got every reason to feel that Im ...
Ego so strong,if you aint know
I dont need no beat,I can sing it with piano
-taken from Beyonce

yeah,I admit that I am ego.Till now,I couldnt let myself dialed my fake sibling number.It's akward because we suppose to be closed.Now we are far apart.I didnt say that only death can tear us apart(funny king.hhah)but I miss my FS so much.Dia macam real sibling to me.Kalau dulu,every time I reached home,dia lah the first person yang I missed call.(missed call je?)Kalau dia hantar msg,dengan sepantas kilat aku reply.Tapi now,I still wait for FS.But,FS doesnt show up.
Once,FS told me,that FS takkn lupakan aku.
Whatsoever,I keep your word with me

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