budak gemok ;p

who really that Safiah is Fat??Raise up your hand please.
and do you know WHY? (every statement MUST have it own reason rite?)
because I'm feeling fat now!Yeah.

Last evening,I went out with my parents,and my lil sis for shopping *tarrra*
yeah I'm very excited.and so do my lil sis.Then I took about 5 clothes and try it on me.Finally,I got one!and then I saw another clothes,Yeah,its pretty,I thought.Then I try it,again in the fitting room.
and I thought I can pick 1 ONLY instead of 2.harhar.so,I took 1.
Later when we reach in the car and my mum said,"how many clothes you pick"
I replied,"emm 1.why?"
mum:"adik jugak yang pandai,dia ambik TIGA!"
I was like,what the hell.I thought we are able to pick ONE ONLY.Then they all laugh at me.Seriously,I felt like an idiot you know.I hope you understand how it feels like an idiot.
As you all know,I had a big ego then I turn my head from them and keep myself silent.

and here another thing.I am type of man which really hard to find suitable pants.I hope y'all understand.I really need someone who really understanding me right now.(please laugh)

aku gemuk.aku gemuk

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