Blah.Blah lalalala

Assalamualaikum :)
and a very good morning I bid for all of you :D
Last 3 years (you do the math :P) I love Ne-yo,Chris Brown,Lindsay,Hilary..You know I like to listen to them.Every evening,me and my girlfriends,Elle and Ira would lepak together and listening to our music.Oh ya,remember that we dance with Mariah Carey song.But,I dont remember what was the title.... :) maybe "that yo"...My humps BEP .hahha.
We also sung "Fuck you by Eamon" hahha.Male and female version very funny because we are using bad words...

What am I talking about???Music?Friendship?or Both???

Actually I miss them a lot and hoping if they are missing me too :)
I wish we can still hang out together but how.Things are different now.Things change and we are grow ups.

emm looks,I loves them.They are my first Bestfriends,my childhood friends,I know we have some arguement but somehow I love them.

Then,I move to Tanjong Ipoh I met new friends and we share,talks and laughs together and they make me feel good.and then I am falling for them,and letting Elle and Ira go (oppss.hahaha)

And now,I miss all of them,My childhood friends and my Tanjong Ipoh friends which we call ourselves SAWFLY
I wish they are here.Beside me.

oh,I wont forget my ERT buddies,especially my dorm mates,(there are 9 of them) my class mates Vokasional Fesyen 2,PRS member

I love all of you so much!!!

Thank you Allah for giving me a chance for meeting them :)

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