memory remain.

do you likes your memories?bad one..

i dont think so.because i hate my black memories!

everyone has a black memories.and it teach us how to stand by ourself.sometimes i felt like a crazy woman yelled at me and said 'i hate you"
then I said."ouch!I'm hurt and I heard that.If you wanna make me feel like a bullshit,you win then"
thanks a lot for the black memory.
I hate talking about my bad memories.I hate it.like hello!who wants to live one foot in hell?
erm have you realize that bad memories easier to remember?It turns out that remembering bad times are natural.maybe.

when I was 12,I wished i was die because I can stand being me.People hates me.I dont have a true friends that time to give me a support.Maybe I done something wrong,but dont punish me like a rubbish.because I have feelings.duh!
If you know me well,you'll know why I did some stuff.
example,changing the MC certificate.oppss,dont mad at me Doctor..
for me,changing the MC dates,does not effect anyone okay.I want to be at home that time because I hate living at hostel.everyone does!especially I had a fever that time and I dont feel comfortable with the enviroment.
Pooh,I need my oxygen.

herm,I dont want to tel more about the story,it just,,, I promise I wont do it again.
erm,maybe I did if I have to
heeeh. =p

thanks for reading

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