could it be the end of the day?

long time ago,i had this dream
it was scared,dark and ...
i always had it on my mind
it start with me
i looked up the blue sky.i was wondering if i can fly like those birds
then i saw a giant big huge fat man appear at the cloud
i ignore him
suddenly that giant guy took human on this earth using his hand.
i was scared and people were screaming,babies crying
then i screamed. 'What happen?'
someone reply me,she said 'it kiamat already'
Ya Allah.then i asked myself,when is the last time i pray and seek His forgiveness
when is the last time i recite Yasiin or Quran?
when is the last time i treat others nicely or helped people
when is the last time i forgive others??
then someone touch my shoulder,it was my dormate,Acun
she said.'hey safiah wake up.'
oh my.i'm still alive!!!
I tought I die already.hohoho.
thanks Allah.
that dream seems real.REAL kay.

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