Cause baby you're a firework!

Peace Be Upon You

Sayangs sekalian.Maaf sebab lama menyepikan diri.I am too busy having vacation with my family.I admit it ada yang kecik hati sebab tak dapat nak spend time,but the thing is,family comes first kan?

31st Dec 2012,I already feel the spark.

Sepanjang 2012,I think a lots of cabaran I've been trough.After these year I'm in my comfort zone with my social life, school life especially now I think I begun to learn to live.Sucks thing happened.I'm proud of myself that I make it through ^^ Lantak lah all of the people.Malas nak amek port.I'm gonna live my life!I hope you had an amazing year too!

Apa yang I achieved eh this year? *lets think* 
Ahah! I score an A's for Bahasa Melayu this trial.Mesti you all macam "eleh,BM je pun~~" Believe it or not.I never earn an A for BM.Seriously.

Ye la~~Tau it's small matter to earn an A in BM.But the thing is,in order to succeed in a big occasion,start with the small one baby.Yeppp,trust me ^^

Apa kenangan pahit I eh this year?
Lots of thing.But the thing that hurt me the most is a kawan tikam belakang.We used to be a good buddies,to lepak,share story and blah-blah.Now,I don't even want to pandang their faces anymore.Ada yang minta maaf semua but I won't forget.

Ye la~~Tau it's not nice.prottt.ahahah.

Hoping this year would be awesomer.Yup.Starting tomorrow I'll be working.Where?Rahsia.If you saw me,please don't ask for a discount.That is not my father's company.LOL.


It's a common question recently.As usual,I don't really have one.But for sure,I wanna improve myself for the better future.In Sha Allah.Time flew,and people changed :)

Oh,yeah I begun to learn to cook.Why?I wanna eat healthy.I'm not dieting.hahaha I'm just eating healthy.Try to increase my metabolism and muscle.LOL.Could it happen?Don't tell me you saw me thin.Lots of people said that but they don't really know whats happening to me.Kalau bagitau pun tanak percaya semua -__-" 

Sese?see?Awww this one looks cute.but this is a nice way to start my new year.

what about you guys?


Husaini said...

fuyouuu... cantik blog.. =)

#thelagidanlagi said...

aku suka azam turunkan berat bdn tuh. :D

safiah sokher said...

Yus : kau ni bodek ke? :p

safiah sokher said...

#thelagidanlagi : sengal kau.

Faza said...

not too late kan wish happy new year :)

safiah sokher said...

nope.HNY too kak Faza ^^