Teddy bear ^^

Peace Be Upon You

Today is the first day that I realize,I'm growing old or growing up was just a same things.No more school days for sure.Somehow,a 9 years old girl soul still livin' in my body.Haha.Couldn't help it.At the meantime,I need to upgraded my immaturity to be more independent and the utmost important is RESPONSIBLE.

I'm not talking about the characteristic of mature person here.I'm just wanted to spill something that stuck on my mind for along time ago.Teddy bear ^^

Gambar Hiasan. (Y)

Teddy bear.Just because I like teddy bear doesn't mean I have buy one.Perlu ke?haha.Still,teddy bear are cute.Way too cute.When I was little,Papa bought me a white teddy bear from Hong Kong.I remembered I took a marker pen and draw an eyebrow to it.LOL.Kidsssss.Now I lost it.Never saw it again since I was 6.I regret for not keeping it save.

Gambar Hiasan.Found it on Google. Mine,same design but mine are red in color.

Then,when I was 12 a friend or mine,Elle bought me a necklace, with a teddy bear as the loket. I wore them everywhere almost all the time because I just love it. Elle are like "Still wearing it?Wow!" when she saw the necklace on my neck.(Where else it could be?) But I gave my necklace for somebody I really care about,my adik angkat.Heeee.Her name is Zeeqa.

Hello.This is ma pooh.Peace.(Back then when I was 14 years old :p )

Can Pooh consider as teddy too???This is my 15th birthday gift.I still kept it.I cuddled Pooh every night.Too old for a teddy bears?NEVER!Tak percaya??Here's some prove.LOL.I'm not the only one!

Vanessa Hudgen.
Demi Lovato.

Who can tell me which one are the real photo?

I love you like a little girl loves her teddy bear and I'll remembered you forever even I have grown up ^^ I will always love and never forget.That is my promise.


Anonymous said...

Pooh die da kopam pon nk letak gak :p

safiah sokher said...

Sape cakap?Time ni mana ada kepam la!