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Peace Be Upon You gegirls and boboys

Last Thursday we have Nisfu Syaaban on 5th July 2012.How time flew so fast huh?And if I wasn't mistaken,there'll be another 12 days to Ramadhan.Alhamdulillah.If I live that long,In sha Allah ;) Mal Allah shower us with bless and kindness ^^

So,the new buku amalan dah started yawn.And everytime I did something not good I remind myself with that,and you should too.InsyaAllah,it will make us better Muslim.We live to search Hidayah,not wait for it. =)

Somehow,I know I don't represent as a good muslim.I had one thing on my mind that linger every second.I just thought about to forgive people.But I can't!I may attend Majlis Ilmu that talk about forgiveness but the anger in me still there.Everytime I looked at them I felt hurt.So,I just can't forgive.

Then,I've met some people that just cannot hold back.They really thought they are good enough until nobody can disagree with them.and I,the lurus bendul one,the so called ***** and everything that's not good don't have the right to speak.It's just that sometimes,we seems like forgetting how small we are to be compared with Allah S.W.T

I just wanna say that,if you want people treat you nicely,with honest and blah blah,you're the one who have to be good first.

I am so sorry if I ever hurt your feelings and if you got something that unsatisfied you please come forward and we can talk about it.

Before that,I just wanna say do not get confused between my personality and my attitude.My personality is who I am and my attitude depends on how you treat me.

Biasa dengar?You shouldn't have to heard this quotes thousand times but just listen and understand.If you can't understand small thing,how come you wanna solve the bigger one?

With that,I end my post.


Faza said...

completely agree with u girl!

Anisa Hang Tuah said...

There are some that might not forgive me for my mistakes to them.

There is never any intention to offend or hurt.

Forgive me.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully we will become a good Muslimah. Ameen.

SimplySeoul said...

I'm sorry if i did some mistakes with my words to you. Selamat beramal hun.

Thank you for your kind remembrance towards me the other day <3

safiah sokher said...

Kak faza,Kak Nisa,Kak Rara and SimplySeoul tq for dropping by :)

Anonymous said...

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