Sweet and Nice ^_^

Peace be upon you.

The things is,sometimes I'm not sweet and nice like what I seem.I own an innocent face and I can't run from the fact that most people think I'm nice.But yet,I'm not so bad.Tengah-tengah?
Back then,some people call me angel,cause I'm too nice (it's what they say) and some people took advantage from it(it's what I felt).It makes me sick.No matter how hard I tried to be mean,they still told me that I'm too nice.Was being too nice is a bad thing?Was I just too naive?

All I thought is just that,if your'e nice to people,they will do the same.I tell you what,I was wrong.That is why sometimes I speak sarcastic language and I like to speak myself loud.

But sometimes,I thought being sweet girl is worth it.Know why?People trust you.Trust is like the main thing in the world.Without trust,there will no a leader to lead a country,there will be no teacher to teach the kids,there will be no love,respect and responsibilities.

Remain sweet are encouraged people,but don't let people take advantage on you.

Happy Monday ^_^


Nurul Ainaa said...

hai angel! hehehehehe lama tak comment kat sini! :)

Anonymous said...

sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaattttt~

safiah sokher said...

Aina : TQ for dropping by.Stop calling me angel.I don't like it.TQ :)

Eza Eda:Tenkiuuuuuuuu