Peace Be Upon You

Just so you know.I've been this way like 2 weeks.I can't sleep.No appetite.I don't socialize much cause I'm not in the mood.Beside,the eye bag are getting bigger.My skin are worse now cause it's not flawless like it used to be.I'm not pretty anymore :'(
Before you say anything,I wanted to be clear that,I'm not spreading the negative energy here.But it is less pain when I share it and while I writing this,I'm still hoping that I would be more strong again.To live.To trust and to be me again.

I don't have any idea for how long I should stay this way.They says,the strongest people in the morning is the one that cry themselves to sleep at night.I was like."Alamak,who says that!" Who came out with that quotes?
I might agree with that one BUT only if the person can put smile on their faces without others knowing their pain.
Good,now I'm talking about "pain"

I've been brainwashing myself everyday,every hour and sec.Then I spill some with Lany and my parents.Somehow,I'm strong for 5 min.For the next sec,sure I'll be thinking and missing him like crazy.The thing is,we spend our time together a lot(even it is just a month and a half).Don't you know how hard it is to change your routine,the usual stuff that you do then suddenly you have to forget about it.It's not easy.

And people so bored to hear me.It's not like they don't know what to do.They just don't know what else to do more.

Also,I'm tired when people trying to read my mind.To read my face expression.
"You're hiding your sadness by smiling"
You knew.Then why say it out loud?Don't you know it's making me more sober.You're not helping at all.No.

Lets time decide.I hope this sober would end ASAP.

"Stay Strong"

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