Lany Zubir,caring but daring

Peace Be Upon You.

For those who didn't know,last Thursday was my birthday. :)

And a lot of birthday wishes during the night.Orang terawal wish was on 10 pm but it actually before my birthday.He said,I always wish him goodnite early.Alah,cakap je la takut lupa kan :p
Yang seronoknya,I private my FB's wall.Haha and some are complaining "Ala,kenapa private wall!" Kesian u olls.The baru la aku unlock balik wall then ton's of bithday wishes like crazy.It happens on everyone's birthday kan?Hehe.

Guess who's the last person?Lany Zubir.Tahniah.

And she blog about me.Awww so sweet kau Lany. :') I miss you.Btw,this video is for you.A gift form a friend.

& thank for the poem and video.Comel.Tersengih sorang-sorang aku tengok video tu.Hahah.Ya,suara perempuan tu annoying.Tapi the lyrics touch me.

p/s:Thank you for being there for me in every penjuru and we will be KBS forever!Aku untung sangat ada kau :D