Killing me softly with the kittens

Peace Be Upon You :)
Yeah,since I came back,I found that my family just adopt a kittens.2 cute kittens :) Everybody loves kittens! Who's hates kittens???? Well,I hate cats!
I heard that people said,if you do loves cats,then you're a lovely person,warmth hearted ... But the situation here,I am a lovely person,warmth hearted too!!So,its not fair saying that.
D'you why I hates cats so much?
1.because they a noisy with the meow,meow sound
2.even they're cute but they berak and kencing everywhere.Its smelly,duh.
3.I am lazy to feed them,sorry kittens.
4.While I'm eating,they ask me for a food even I have do have food them
The point is,they are annoying me.
Question:So,what kind of pet that you like?
Answer:Say no to pet :')
Am I a mean person just because I hate pet?Answer me ..

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