every time when I'm flashing back my 2008 memories,I felt like crying!

Gotta admit that,2008 is the best year I ever experience.

In the earlier year,Lisa and Yayin move in to our school,Sekolah Menengah Dato' Abdul Samad.Then we build our friendship together with Wani,Ecah and etc.Too much conflict that I had to face during our relationship

we suppose to be a gang when we were Form 2.They are the one who accept me when I move in their class.
I feel bad when I was like far away from them.But what can I say,I've met new friend doesn't mean I forget about them :) Plus,the new friend are the Aspurian.kan?

2.The Aspurarian
Yeah,they are annoying.Somehow,we still build a relationship with some-some.ahaahh.I always remember that I sang this "1,2,3,4,5 everybody Fuck Pantai!!"(pantai is an annoying men I ever saw!I hate him (dulu) )Then I get scold by Kak Nana.But its not that bad.What can I do?I hate him.

I don't know what to say.

But I really miss the old time.I want to get back to the old time badly!

Hahaha.Walaupun baru semalam jumpa dengan awek-awek aku (hahahaah) tapi aku still rindu diorang sekarang.

Oh.2008.I've been missing you like crazy.And Thank you 2008,you has teach me,to getting to know me,to defend myself,to appreciate a friendship,

apa lagi??

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