lelaki itu.ahaha

peace be upon you
lately,I received too many friend request at myspace from boys.I am not a choosy person,selalunya I'll approve.But since I got a message from a man(yang gatal-gatal tuu),I make up my mind.I wont approve unknown male anymore.Unknown boys yang sebelum ni yang I approve,just claim yourself as lucky.HAHAAH.
Sometimes,they ask me,"why I hate boys?"
Its not like I hate them because I'm a lesbo or something,and I am not a lesbo no matter how I hate boys so much.(paham tak??)
Some of my female friends think that I'm interested with girls,wow I called it,"you don't know me yet!" and they get freaking weird face when I get closer to them.(tolong laa paham!)
Some may say "kalau kau benci lelaki,ngan siapa kau nak kahwin?"
I'm shocked,how could you think about kahwin?Those kahwin-kahwin stuff is like 10 years later la.ayoooo!!I am a daughter and a student,I wanna spend my time with family,friends and teachers,not boyfriend :p
Beside,my priority is to study! (sound serius or fake?ahahaha)
I have to admit sometimes when I met a guy,I would be freaking shy and gedik.haha.But,it wont last long because I was playing around.(percaya tak??)

you know what,for me,Guy is the best actor in this planet.They should win an Oscar or something.

depan you,they act very nice.Pijak semut pun semut tak meninggal.But,behind your back,they kutuk-kutuk you with their friends.Tak pun,ada jugak kat sekolah aku,boys betting untuk dapatkan girls yang diorang attack.Aku pernah tengok betapa hancurnya hati seorang perempuan sbb pakwe dia tu,just bet je.Jahat kan???

If you,dapat best guy friends yang baik,Alhamdulillah bagus.Susah nak cari lelaki yang boleh dipercayai.

Dear girls,be extra careful with boys.
I'm your girl,you're my girl,you should know that I love you :)

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