yes dear,I yelling OUT LOUD

If I wasn't mistaken,I haven't update my blog for 2 days.I've been busy since this Monday,yeah wake up early morning,go to school and return home at 6pm and doing my homework.(very nerdy!)This friday would be Hari Raya Aidiladha.YESSS.BALIK KAMPONG!!!
I really miss the whole family,my cousins,my grands, and of course,fresh air around the rubber tree :D
Ok,3rd Raya,Insyallah I will go to Wani's house.YAY!I miss you wani!!! I am so exited because SAWFLY crew are going!!

dear readers,
Do you know,what is on my mind now? I just felt like left out.yup.left out.And I dont I would tell you why because its private.Not everything we can share right??

seriusly I felt stupid right now since I saw my result.Yeah,people say it was good enough but I dont think so.To be honest,I feel like giving up with schools-sometimes,but if I dont study,what would I do?I dont want to grow up and be stupid,I want to be exellent,be matured and good at some stuff.Now that I am 16 but I still dont know my talent.urggh,stupid huh?

what else???

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