Dont waste your time on me you already the voice inside my head!!!gagagaga

hahaha.What am I talking about???
purrr :(
I felt bored laa.HELP.maybe we should call 999.hahah

eemmm you this couple-couple stuff
sounds stupid you know.Why people always said "love life is FUN"
back off laa,very funny one.(from the bottom of my heart babes)
last thursday a girl behind me mumbling about her boyfriend
eleh kecoh je
then I said la
"hey,you ask your parents for money to buy a panties,how come you bercinta la stupid"
fellow friends,you think love while study is great ke??
not at all.then when your partner wanna break up,you cry like a crazy people and then come to me and cry-cry like a baby
I am not saying that you menyusahkan me,but you trouble yourself kan...
after that.you bajet tekad nak join DTB.(FYI i felt like I am the only one BTD crew.kakakakahhh)
what laa
then couple again,then you got problem with your partner,muka monyok

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by,safiah sokher

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