I'm just bored being part of boredom :'(

guess it just BORED la
this evening,which mean later...I'm gone to hostel.Urgh,Please.
You know,hostel regulations is just too much for me.Its cruel and not fair.
Please yawn,gimme a break!
We have done our examination,then why is so hard to let us rest after school
why we have to go evening prep EVERYDAY.???
I am so tired.
and yeah why we only can watch channel 1??and why the TV is rosak anyway??The picture also not good meh.
I wanna cry.-seriusly,CRY.
Its not like I hate the hostel but sometimes I am tired of it
My father always told me to be sabar
For how long daddy??I can't stand it anymore.
I dont have any good moments.
Oh,I miss my girlfriends,sobsob ='(
You konw.I heard Abg Man wanna change the hostel to an army camp
Can you see that I am girl!I dont do "army" stuff okay!
do it for those who interested ONLY.!!!

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