Today I would like to talk about freedom... :)
late days,I ask a friend of mine,what is Freedom?
then she told me,,,,,Freedom is like free from Islam.
Astagfirullah..how come she told me that?really mean you know...
Then she told me that following Islam regulatuins is hard,we have to wear hijab,peform prayers 5x a days,recite Quran..and cannot mix with mahram.She said she need freedom.

Dear Friends,
yeah,to be nice is hard sometimes but its worth.Malays says, bersusah dahulu,bersenang kemudian.
ha,why dont we follow that quotes!
On this world we struggle to follow Islam,obey Allah regulations and when we die sooner,we'll made it to the heaven.Tak nak pergi syurga ke???nak duduk dalam neraka tu??dah la panas,setan pulak berterabur gelakkan kau
herm,I am bad too sometimes, :D but at least I try to improve myself
This advice I dedicated to myself,family,my youngersister,Norsafiana,friends and readers..
what else???

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