Ramah Mesra PRS.kare-oke?

okay,first,I'm LATE.Idk what to say. ok,the event was soo..em apa ek? idk.I'm speechless la.why ek.maybe I'm nervous.too nervous. actually there is 3 games that we should play but,since some of them late then we end up with 2 games je!then bila dah 2 games,how to find the winners?lucky Nazira got an idea to give away the present to 'sporting group'.hahha.at the end of the event,me,nazira,farahin and...who else?? kare-oke laaa like orang gila.hahaha. our theme is PURPLE but some break the theme.eh,I break your bone kang!!!

okay here another story.

I really miss my abang angkat.ngee.macam childish dooo yela its been 3 weeks we didnt talk.paling kurang pun sms. huhu.sob.sob! I asked his mother,than she told me he off his handphone lately. yeah,I understand,SPM is soon.but,I wanna wish him "good luck" sedih.sedih.sedih

gambar hiasan je yunk!!

with love
safiah sokher

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