lazy.lazy mode babes

hello everyone.I'm here again!Actually I have a lot of homework to do.
soo many!!!
but I am very.very lazy!!!My mum keep telling me "do your homework laa"
then I replied,"malas"
"earlier you said you have a lot of homework but then you only stick with the computer only"(my mum laa)
emm very lazy one meh.All I want is relax only because I felt really tired
yes mum,I do have a lot of homework later I finish it okay mum.
when can I start 'rajin' again huh.Yeah seems like no more chance for me to score A laa.Admit it because I dont really study.heeh.
1 thing about me is I dont have a high motivation.seriusly.I dont really know what I'm good at.

ok here is another title

believe in a world without friends???

Yes.I Agree!!!!

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